If you’re going to wear black…

Missoni Pumps
I HATE wearing all black. I wouldn’t be able to convert to all black if my husband and I ever move to NY. I feel like color is key BUT if you’re going to wear all black (or this year’s grey as the new black) why not add these beauties to your wardobe? Okay, I’m not being realistic, they are Missoni pumps but a girl can dream right?

The deliciously lovely and bold print that is so trademark Missoni is what makes this square toed pump (I believe with a hidden platform which would make it ultra comfy) a staple that would automatically jazz up your boring workday wear. It might make your coworkers stare and a few commuters strain their necks to see what’s on yourfeet while riding the Metro. Alas, these aren’t in my budget but I’ll just have to rock the Missoni scarf I got on clearance at DSW last week!

Don’t hate!

To buy:
Missoni Pumps

0 thoughts on “If you’re going to wear black…

  1. HATE wearing all black? I don’t understand how that is possible. If I could do it every day I’d be in heaven… oh wait, I damn near do… 😉 Those shoes would set an outfit or two off, but as a 30 year old woman who cant walk in heels, I’d have to pass.

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