Friday’s Fabulousness…

Welcome to my first edition of Friday’s Fabulousness. I’m hoping every Friday to feature an item that I absolutely can’t live without!

I am a beauty fanatic but let’s be honest, the maintenance of it all can get a bit tedious. You’ve got to scrub this, wash that, pluck this, moisturize that…so sometimes I skip a step (or two). One of my favorite steps to skip, putting on lotion in the morning. The result, horribly ashy grey legs and belly that make my husband (and me) cringe. It’s so not sexy but its winter and who’s going to see my legs? Solution, Buffy Body Butter (my second runner up is King of Skin Body Butter).

Lush Body Butter

Here’s what it does: First you shower with whatever you normally wash with (currently I’m hooked on anything with peppermint oil in it to wake up my senses). Then you run this bar under the water and rub it all over your body like a bar of soap. Buffy has grainy bits to exfoliate you and then it leaves behind this wonderful moisturizing mask on your skin that doesn’t wash away! It’s like lotioning your body without the work! I know that sounds really lazy but at 6:45am anything I can skip is welcome in my morning routine.What makes Lush even cooler is that they’re an eco-friendly company that’s trying to make natural beauty products that also don’t add to the environment.

I think I’m going to try one of their Shower Jellies next…they’re like showering with a scented soapy block of JELLO!I promise you, if you are lucky enough to have a Lush store where you live (there’s one in Georgetown) just have them demonstrate Buffy or King of Skin on your hands. I promise you’ll buy the big bar that day! And tell me what can’t live without in the comments section. Maybe I’ll test it out too and feature it on a Friday in the future!

Feeling very smooth and silky.

0 thoughts on “Friday’s Fabulousness…

  1. Okay, now I see you have something else to get me hooked on! You’re my pusher. LOL I really like the blog. I think you have something here ma’am.

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  3. I finally got the buffy last night and I loved it. I have really really dry skin and I used very little lotion after scrubbing myself this morning. Thanks for the suggestion !

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