Facing My Fears…

I have found that people are either obsessed with MAC Cosmetics or they’re not. I’m on the latter end of that statement. Don’t get me wrong, I think they have some fun things. It’s just that when I walk into their stores and they’re forever crowded and half the makeup artists in there look absolutely insane I’m a bit turned off…so I go to a nice safe counter like Bobbi Brown or Prescriptives they both have a very inviting makeup mirror.

I’m all about getting over my fears and I do own some great colorful eyeshadows from Mac so I said let’s pick a great lipglass for spring. Instead of going to the store, I browsed online. A much less intense experience AND my products came the next day! FABULOUS!

What’d I get? Tinted Lipglass in Lychee Luxe. First I was attracted to the name and then the color online was a great coral that had just a hint of shimmer. The result? Fabulousity! My other favorite color? 4N. It’s part of the neutrals/nudes series and it’s not as glittery as Oh Baby (isn’t that like the ultimate brown girl lipglass of choice?) and it gives my lips this wonderful shimmery, glossy look that is better than my natural color. It’s a work day staple.

Mac ain’t that bad after all.

So fearless.

To buy:
Mac Lipglass

0 thoughts on “Facing My Fears…

  1. three words for you:
    Viva Glam V
    Well, actually that’s two words and a roman numeral but whatever. Probably pretty similar to what you bought but looks amazing on everyone. every race, complexion. you can mix w/ damn near any liner… yes im being paid for this. u know im a MAC believer.

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