It’s Love…

Betsey Johnson Bebop Betsey N/S Tote
I know I’m married, but I feel in love all over again when I saw the Betsey Johnson Bebop Betsey N/S Tote in Filene’s on Thursday during my lunch break. I didn’t know what to do. I was blinded by love at first site and I had to have it no matter what the cost. I will admit, it’s more than half off of the original price in Filene’s Basement (it costs a $100 more on the link above) and for a leather, satin lined Betsey Johnson bag I was getting it at a steal. Of course it was this price because it’s from last season or the season before, but I DON’T CARE! This was an I HAVE TO HAVE IT AND I HAVE TO HAVE IT NOW moment that I was having and I haven’t had one of those in a long, long time. For a minute with the recession and talks of the poor economy, I lost my shopping mojo…and that’s just sad.

Betsey Johnson Bebop Betsey N/S Tote
I bought the bag in black and my sister told me I may need to go back and get it in white for her. It’s made of SUPER soft leather, has two zipper pockets at the top and four pockets on the front. Plus, it’s got an open tote structure in the middle of the bag. It can hold a lot. There were only two of these bags on the shelf (one black and one white) and I’m just glad I got this one. Now if only I could get my heart to stop racing every time I look at it…

Yeah baby, yeah!

0 thoughts on “It’s Love…

  1. OMG….i totally drooled all over this purse (in white) a few months ago in bloomies and then completely forgot about it. now the memory of it is haunting me, as i haven’t ever seen it again! which filene’s was it?! i must know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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