Monday’s Manicure…

I paint my nails every week (usually) and I get asked about my nail polishes a lot, so I thought I’d start a new feature, so here’s Monday’s Manicure…and please excuse my paint job. I’m not a manicurist!
Monday’s Manicure
This week is OPI’s Moon Over Mumbai, part of their India Collection.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with grey polish since the first posts of this blog when I featured grey as one of my first nail polish picks. I always hope for a lighter, less metallic, but with a slight sheen…I’ve been waiting for THE PERFECT grey and Moon Over Mumbai is pretty close. This light grey creme has a slight shimmer and isn’t too light and not too dark. It’s a very cool neutral shade that’s a bit different than your average nude polish. This will definitely be added to my rotation.

Let me know what your favorite polishes are or that you’re interested in in the comments section and I’ll try them out here too.



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