Friday’s Fabulousness…

Today’s fabulousness is unbelievable. It truly, truly is. It’s also a testament to me and my favorite things: shoes and the color green.
You by Crocs
Tadaa! These are the latest addition to my ever growing shoe family. They’re gorgeous patent leather, sling back maryjanes. That’s a lot going on in one shoe, huh? What I love most about these shoes is how absolutely comfortable they are.

Comfortable? What? With a 3 1/2 inch heel?

Yup, and that’s coming from the girl who has a bad back and feet issues. So I won’t put my foot into just any old shoe. So how could they possibly be comfortable? WAIT.FOR.IT….

Because they’re Crocs!!! Yup. I’m not lying. You know you said they were cute, you can’t deny that now! You can find them on the You by Crocs website. These are the Venice from the Spring collection in green, I also love their pale grey and the fuschia. Did I mention that there are also other really cute shoes on their site too?

I stumbled upon You by Crocs in a very discreet ad in the latest issue of Marie Claire magazine (I don’t understand how they’re not doing billboards advertising these babies!). The t-straps and maryjanes caught my eye, but the word Crocs took my breath away. The shoes that I love to hate were actually…cute?! WHAT?!

I couldn’t believe it, so I ordered a pair to see if my eyes were truly deceiving me. Not only are they so adorable, but they feel like you’re wearing a pair of Crocs (looks like a pump…feels like a sneaker). When I tried to tell my friends about the shoe they stopped listening to me once I said the word Crocs. They didn’t want to hear it, so I blindly show the shoe off as if it was just something I picked up (like I did today) and then I hit them with the fact that they’re Crocs after they fall in love.

This is truly a fabulous and phenomenal shoe. I am waiting in anticipation to see what they’re going to do for Fall 2008…and they make boots! How come nobody told me about this before?! I guess I really should never say never, huh?

Have a nice long Labor Day weekend ladies. I will be enjoying my 30th tomorrow! I’ll be back on Tuesday…if I’m not too pooped!

0 thoughts on “Friday’s Fabulousness…

  1. Hi Dana :). I linked to your site from Erin’s site – though I came once before from your BRU page (or was it myspace? LOL!). Anyway, I meant to comment the last time I was here but got pulled away. This post literally made my mouth drop to the floor!! Crocs?! I saw an ad in O Magazine for “cute crocs” but I had no clue they were this hot!! Who knew!! They went from the ugliest shoe in the world (seriously) to something totally cute – AND comfy!! Thanks for the tip – I’ll be checking them out. Glad to see all is beautiful in your world :).

  2. Interesting store. I am feeling their fall collection (especially the boots and the neat leather shoe). If they are as comfortable as you say they are then I may be getting pair real soon !

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