Holiday Hot…

The holiday season is quickly approaching and that definitely means holiday parties! My husband is an engineer and they tend to have their holiday parties at very swanky restaurants. Lets just say that engineers aren’t known for being the most bold of dresser, so as an engineer’s wife I try my best to stand out at their holiday party (side note: Last year I wore a very cute dress with lots of color and these shoes would have been perfection with that dress. Why did you not exist in 2007?!). This year I’m leaning towards a pencil skirt sweater combination but I would totally wear these…
Steve Madden Demy ruffled heel
The Steve Madden Demy ruffled heel screams hot holiday, don’t you think? I’m partial to the black suede since you could wear black tights with them and it would be seamless, but they also come in a gorgeous pewter leather and an unexpected rich purple suede! These could definitely be added to your holiday hotness list.


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