Monday’s Manicure…

With this blog and Monday’s Manicure I test out a new nail polish every week. I try to be a few weeks ahead so that if I’m lazy or slacking I have a color to review for you guys (see how much I love you?). The problem is, sometimes I get addicted to a color and I don’t want to switch or try a new one the next week. I feel that way about two colors, the Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Teal and this week’s maincure…
China Glaze VIII
China Glaze VIII!

I’m IN LOVE with this color. VIII is a deep almost black purple creme that is so gorgeous on I was sad to take it off. Seriously. Someone even asked me on the Metro what color was I wearing as I was gripping on to the pole for dear life during rush hour. This is a great choice if you’re into the dark nail trend and I would definitely suggest that it’s only for folks with short nails. I don’t know how good this would look on long talons. This color will definitely be added to my weekly rotation.


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