The Adventures of TamTam: Meet & Greet

I mentioned last week, I’ve been given the opportunity (along with 19 other fab bloggers) to try out the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition and share my thoughts on it with you guys. The added bonus? They’re sending me to NYC in February during Fashion Week to go to a special Vivienne Tam event! I’m quite excited.

As part of my getting to know you with TamTam I’ve been taking her everywhere I go. She weighs about 2.5lb and I’m pretty sure my makeup case is heavier than that so it’s been super easy to toss her in my bag in the morning and go. I’ve worked on blog ideas, surfed the web and of course let others ‘ooh and ahh’ all over her. I’m documenting all of her meet and greets and I’ve started a Flickr account so that you have a central place to check her out.

Hello, TamTam

Hello, TamTam

My cousin Amelia had a great time with her on Friday at dinner. She even posed with her as if she was in a fashion show. Tam was passed back and forth down the table and everyone is always surprised at how small she is but how big the keyboard is (only 3% smaller than your average laptop!). So far, I’m loving her. She’s super portable, I’ve learned how to connect my Blackberry to her to get internet when I don’t have free wi-fi around and I’m liking the freedom of having a laptop around. I’ve got to do a little travel for work this week and then personal travel the next week so I’m sure there will be more for me to document.

The adventures will continue…

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