What A Man Wants…

Love is in the air...

Love is in the air...

I emailed a lot of the guys I know to ask them what their ideal Valentine’s Day gifts would be. After sifting through some of the inappropriate responses (gotta love my boys!) I found a lot of similar requests and the number one request surprised me. I took the time and I’m giving you a list of five solid things to get the men in your life…let me know what you think and clearly some of my male friends have expensive tastes.

5. Cologne: A lot of them said to get them either something new or a bottle of what they already wear. If your man doesn’t have a signature scent or is in the market for something new like my guy, might I suggest the Sephora Scent Sampler Best Sellers for Him. Lots of choices with nice sized samples.

Sephora Scent Sampler for Him

Sephora Scent Sampler for Him

4. Music/Music Related Gifts: I got suggestions on iPods, iTunes gift cards, headphones…clearly the fellas like music. If you’re in the market for a pair of headphones I would definitely suggest the Bose In Ear Headphones. The sound quality is phenomenal, and they’ll think you’re super cool.
Bose In Ear Headphones

3. Concert/Game Tickets: You already know they love music, so why not tickets to a concert to see their favorite group? Or a giftcard so they can go to the sporting event of their choice. It may even give them the option to upgrade what they would normally spend and get really good seats. You definitely can’t go wrong with a Ticketmast Gift Card

Ticketmaster Gift Card

Ticketmaster Gift Card

2. An expensive accessory they wouldn’t buy for themselves: I got a lot of requests for ties, but high end ties that they wouldn’t normally buy. Or a watch for everyday. One guy wrote, “my girl knows she has better taste than me anyway, I just don’t like to admit that, so I’d wear whatever she gave me.” Check out Nordstrom for a few nice choices in watches and ties.

And my number one request….
1. A MASSAGE! Seriously. Now you can treat your guy to a spa treat like the Bliss Spa Super Blissage treatment where they get a massage and pariffin treatments (my husband thinks pariffin is the coolest thing ever and will agree to any spa service as long as that is included). Or you can get a little sensual at home and use a Lush Massage bar to help rub your partner down yourself.

I mean, it is Valentine’s Day…

14 thoughts on “What A Man Wants…

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  9. Great suggestions. I’d add to the list of “nice things to wear” cuff links and a French cuff shirt–but maybe that’s because I’ve been coveting cuff links for myself as well as women’s French cuff shirts. 😉

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