Friday’s Fabulousness…

I love a great Friday! Especially today, I have to fly to New Orleans to do a presentation for work, which means I get to have jambalya from Mother’s Restuarant tonight. Pure heaven!

And before I forget, please help me decide which Zoya colors to try out for Monday’s Manicure. Read the post about it HERE. I’ve gotten a few selections but I need more!

Today I’ve got TRIPLE the fabulousness for you. Two Valentine’s Day treats and one just fabulous piece all on it’s own.

Floral Charm Bracelet by Divine Rose

Floral Charm Bracelet by Divine Rose

The very gorgeous Floral Charm Bracelet by Divine Rose is another fab Etsy fine. I think this is absolutely gorgeous! I love the layering of the flowers, the orange, yellow, blue and cream colors – this makes me think of sundresses, fabulous peep toe wedges and the warmth of spring. This piece is truly a charming individual piece that screams romance and because it’s on Etsy, it may be gone very quickly. Definitely check out her shop for other vintage inspired desgins too!

Juicy Couture Love Puzzle

Juicy Couture Love Puzzle

For Valentine’s Day I thought these next two things were too cute not to mention. The Juicy Couture Love Puzzle Cards are a great way to tell a friend far away how much you love them.

Juicy Couture Rose Bouquet Charm

Juicy Couture Rose Bouquet Charm

And the Juicy Couture Rose Bouqet Charm will last longer than real roses! I have wanted a charm bracelet for a while, so I’m hoping my hubby gets the hint one day and starts to see all of the wonderful charms he could be giving me! I’m horrible, and I know it.

Have a wonderful weekend ladies, there is so much I have to share with you next week – I can’t wait!

0 thoughts on “Friday’s Fabulousness…

  1. 1. I’m SO jealous you’re going to N.O. and to Mother’s. One of my fave fave faves!

    2. I NEED that bracelet. Don’t you think it’s so me?!

    3. I’m still waiting for someone to treat me to a facial. 😉

  2. I did think of you as soon as I saw that bracelet. When I wrote the post it was available, now it’s not 😦 And you’ll be waiting forever for that facial. I’m gonna need you to get a boyfriend…ASAP!

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