The Adventures of TamTam: Meeting Her Maker…

I’ve left Las Vegas (more on that next week) and I’m in NYC for the end of fashion week. So what all did this blogger get to do? Go to the Vivienne Tam fashion show last night! TamTam got to meet her maker up close and personal!

Caroline from Morningside Mom and I grabbed a photo with Vivienne Tam last night and I took lots of pictures of her collection and you can check them out on my Flickr photostream. Vivienne was super gracious and she was definitely a proud mama of her collection and the laptops. It was so cool to be there! The show was in her boutique and they had large HP touchscreen computers all over the room and they were even webcasting the entire show and party. Who knew?! Vivienne is really into technology and loves bloggers – and I think I kind of lover her right back! One of the things I loved that she said last night was that she was so excited about the large group of women bloggers and that we were women supporting other women…so true.

We’ve got more events and more stuff going on with HP and the Vivienne Tam crew today (did I mention how nice she is and how excited she was to meet a huge group of women bloggers?!) so I’ll take more pictures and let you know what all happens. I just wanted to make sure I gave you a little nugget so you’d realize I’m not slacking on you guys, I’m just busy, busy, busy!

More tomorrow (or late this evening).

0 thoughts on “The Adventures of TamTam: Meeting Her Maker…

  1. DWJ,

    I am soooo proud of you. I can truly say……..”I knew you when…” Don’t forget to share about the salon visits. I can’t wait to hear about it. You have got me crushing on that little gem myself……is it REALLY worth $700….really???

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