I Went To The Chapel & We Got Remarried…

Before all of the NY Fashion Week Fabulousness I was in Las Vegas with my husband. Since we were in Vegas we took in a few shows, gambled a bit, shopped and got married again!

This wedding was way cheaper than the first! A $30 dress from Marshalls and a lovely tuxedo t-shirt for my hubby-to-be-again! What we did splurge on was a new wedding band for my love and it was so cool I thought I should share it with you guys.

The TeNo Steel ‘Love’ Ring is similar in design to the actual ring we bought. The ring is made of stainless steel (very cool since my husband is an engineer), with a band of sterling silver and a small square diamond in the middle. My husband’s original wedding bad was a simple white gold band that used to have a textured finish on it, but it had worn off over the last 5+ years – it was in need of an upgrade.

If you’re getting married or just looking for a cool ring for yourself or your loved one, I’d definitely suggest TeNo. They kind of specialize in modern and unique unisex designs.

More tales from Vegas to come this week!

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