Monday’s Manicure…

Happy Monday! I’m trying to be positive even though we all know Monday’s stink, right? So what’s today’s manicure?

I decided to try out Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Fast Dry Nail Polish in Jumpin’ Jade Frost when I walked past the display in Walgreens. It caught my eye because it says you can do 1 coat and it will dry in 60 seconds…I’m always down for a challenge!

So the final results? I did one coat with it’s very unique flat brush – I liked how it applied – and was surprised because it dried very quickly. I didn’t time it, but it was dry pretty quick. The color wasn’t streaky or thick and it applied very nice. It’s a definite choice when you want to paint your nails but you have very little time.

Do you have any quick dry tips/tricks? Let me know in the comments section.


0 thoughts on “Monday’s Manicure…

  1. ok heres the deal- i wrote about this polish a few weeks ago, my sister actually has the jade color and then i bought the polish in a blue and deep purple…i was a very big fan of it until i tried to REMOVE it.

    IT IS HORRIBLE. It’s SO hard to remove and so messy and it leaves an odd stain/mark on your nail.

    I loved it for the brush/quick dry/ nice shine…should have known it was too good to be true.

    Maybe you’ll have a better experience than I did? keep us posted!

    Jaci’s last blog post..24 Years of Excellence

  2. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember removing it. I took it off when I was in Vegas and I was probably drunk. I think there may have been slight staining around the cuticles, but I didn’t think it was horrible to remove. But I also use PURE acetone to take everything off. One swipe and it’s done!

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