Monday’s Mascara…

Welcome to Monday. I am soooo back on my blogging wagon. It’s not like I ever left it’s just that I’m back to my regularly scheduled programming. So today I’m bringing you Monday’s Mascara AND Monday’s Manicure. So much to share…

I have to admit something, I have never been disappointed by the folks at Bare Escentuals in any product that I’ve tried. Honestly. So I was excited to try out their new Buxom Lash mascara but I kind of put it away for a bit since I was reviewing others.

Well, I’m mad I waited so long to test it out!! First let me say when I pulled the wand out of the tube I said, “DAYUM!” It’s a regular sized tube but the applicator itself is huge! And that’s what lends to it’s magic! I felt like this brush touched every single lash I had and helped to lift and separate them to give me VAVAVAVOOM lashes…seriously. My lashes looked long and glossy but didn’t feel too thick or heavy. In a word, gorgeous.

I am definitely adding this to my standard beauty routine staple items and I suggest you do too. This is one of the best mascaras I’ve ever tried.



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