Wednesday’s Woes…

I’m looking for an affordable makeup bag that can withstand any spills and stains and will be colorful and fun. Did I mention it MUST be affordable? Oh and I want something that’s a nice size but not too big. I hope I’m not asking for too much.

That’s not asking for too much. In fact, I knew exactly where to turn when thinking of answering your woe…LESPORTSAC! One of my favorite stores because of how you can customize what you choose. My top picks for a makeup case are:

The Kevyn makeup case, I actually own this one in a very colorful print and it holds a lot. I’ve got several tubes of lipgloss, a big compact of pressed powder, a mirror, lotion, and other miscellaneous items. It’s super roomy. And if you want something a bit slimmer to toss in your bag…

Try the 3-Zip Cosmetics Case as an alternative. Both of these bags come in a great range of colors and they’re machine washable! So if your powder bursts in your bag it won’t be stained or ruined. Isn’t that just genius?

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