Global Goodies…

You know what I love about warmer weather? Shorter sleeves. Odd, right? I love wearing bracelets and bangles but only when the sleeves are shorter and you can really show them off. And with bracelets, I kind of love them the bigger the better.

The Iman Global Chic collection on HSN has a fabulous set of Amber-inspired Bangles and I adore them. My mother saw the bangle and immediately attempted to take it off of my arm, she collects amber pieces and thought this bracelet was a beautiful reproduction.

I love how the bracelet almost glows when you’re wearing it. The color is so translucent but so vibrant at the same time. This piece will definitely be in high rotation. Another Global Chic piece I got to try out was the Chic Shimmer & Shine Metal Clutch. You may have recognized it from a Wednesday’s Woe I did during Wedding Week.

This is such the perfect evening bag, I couldn’t not mention it. I seriously fit my Blackberry, gloss and credits cards in this bad boy and it was still flat. If that doesn’t scream perfect night out bag then I don’t now what else is.


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