I’m Beaming…

I love Target. It’s the most magical place ever. Where else can I get milk, Lean Cuisines, a top, a sports bra and an ice cream maker in the same place? So the other week I walked in and took a stroll by the jewelry counter to see what was new and I stopped dead in my tracks.

I’m so in love with the Erickson Beamon for Target® Layered Flower Purple Pendant Necklace. This picture doesn’t even do it justice.The links are purple and the ribbon is a gorgeous turquoise with a bit of bling attaching the two layers together. It’s absolutely fabulous!

I’ve been on a budget though so I didn’t buy it but this week when I did I weekly Target trip I said if the necklace was there I was going to snatch it up. Alas…it was gone, but I can still buy it online! HOT DAMN!

And since we’re on the subject of jewelry, don’t forget to enter my jewelry contest for a 1928 Jewelry Statement Necklace! Today is your last day to enter. DO IT NOW!


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