Me & Marc…

I told you guys the other day that I was in NYC and I had a couple of cool stops. One of them was…

Yes, I took a picture of the sign...

Yes, I took a picture of the sign...

The Marc Jacobs studio! Woohoo! How could I not resist an opportunity to go to the studio and check out the accessories for the Marc by Marc Jacobs line and get the scoop on the new Jacobs by Marc Jacobs line?!

So you know there’s Marc Jacobs, totally high end that I can’t afford. Then there’s Marc by Marc Jacobs, a little less expensive but still on a higher end of the price spectrum than I want to be. So now there’s Jacobs by Marc Jacobs, which is totally in my price range! The photo collage above is of my favorites from both lines and all were at an affordable price range. My favorite piece though?

These reversible cross body bags. I love that they’re reversible and in such great candy colors. Plus, the most amazing part…they’re $98!?! Yup, I couldn’t believe it either. The plastic cuffs were only $6 and the necklaces were $16 and $19! It’s so fun, adorable and fresh – I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to get a another chance to see more!

Right now I believe you can only get the Jacobs by Marc Jacobs items in New York Marc Jacobs stores but I promise as soon as I find out when they become widely available or are available online I’ll let you know.



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