Adding Luster to Your Legs…

The other week I thoroughly embarrassed myself by sharing my airbrush tanning experience with you guys but I didn’t stop there. I’m on a quest for leg perfection!

So after I spray tanned my legs I decided to try Soap & Glory Easy Glistening Body Spray. It was something I picked up a while ago on a random Target trip. You know how it goes, you go into Target for a bag of cotton balls and $200 later you’ve left the store with everything but the cotton balls you came for. So I decided since my legs were beautifully bronzed, why not add a bit of sheen to them?

In the end, I was slightly disappointed. The smell of the spray was so strong I felt like I smelled like I just came out of a hairspray factory. The sheen was subtle and nice but my bathroom floor was so slick! Mix that with the light bronze mist from the spray tanning I left on our white tile floor and let’s just say someone’s husband was not too happy about cleaning the bathroom that week (sorry). If I keep up my bronzed leg kick I may just have to try Tarte’s Glam Gams Bronzing Leg Stick. I’ve heard that might be more inline of what I wanted.


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