I’m Half Werewolf…

I’m about 99.9% certain that I am half werewolf. Seriously. I shave my legs daily and sometimes I get 5 o’clock shadow on my legs. If I could afford it, I would totally do full body laser hair removal because shaving is a pain in the butt but I feel like it’s a necessary evil.

My latest shaving cream obsession is Skintimate’s Moisturizing Cream Shave. It’s a rich cream with olive butter and vitamin E and all you need is a thin layer on your legs. I was force to use my male friend’s BeardBro brand shaving cream and I have to say, other than the smell, it was quite nice. I just prefer girly smelling products. I don’t get that irritating razor burn down the front of my legs like I do with a lot of other shaving creams and my legs feel so silky and smooth afterwards. I also feel like I get a closer shave with this cream than I do with the foamy stuff because I’ve been down to shaving every other day now and I have yet to see a 5 o’clock leg shadow. The only drawback is that if you use too much because it is so creamy it will clog up your razor, so remember to use it sparingly. A little goes a long way.

Don’t get me wrong, if I could get full body laser hair removal I totally would. But since I’m not made of money, this will definitely have to do. And might I also suggest the Noxzema 4 Blade Shaver? They get the closest shave and are so inexpensive!


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  1. Oh I feel you girl, it’s odd since I am not a hairy person in general, no facial hair, and not much arm hair, but from the knee down, and the damn armpit…if I don’t shave everyday, it can be embarassing… My friend actually decided to get lazer hair removal and I am soooo jealous, although it looks a bit painful!

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