Shop for a Good Cause…

Yesterday I got an invitation from the GAP to get 30% off my purchases July 30 – August 2 at Gap, Gap Outlet, Banana Republic, Banana Republic Factor Outlet and Old Navy. With my 30% discount 5% of my purchases will go to one of the charities I chose. I picked Their organization is all about helping public school teachers get supplies for their classrooms!

Kids in schools across America need your help! At public school teachers post requests for materials that their students need to thrive – from musical instruments to microscopes. You can either entrust to select where your donation will go, or you can choose to fund a project in a community important to you. You can use this gift code to fund a classroom project at your school of choice on the website.

If you want to get 30% off for a good cause at any of these outlets (I so can’t believe even the outlets you can take 30% off) email me at and I’ll send you a coupon! You can also use the coupon repeatedly between July 30 – August 2.

Just thought I should spread the good will.

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