The Art of…Jessica Caldwell {Design Wonderland}

The Art of… is a monthly series featuring various people and what inspires their style…
Name: Jessica Caldwell
Age (if you dare)/Astrological Sign: Leo / I’m turning 30 this month
Occupation: Interior Designer/Design Blogger/ future Lifestyle Expert
City of Residence: the suburbs of Washington, DC

What’s your favorite color?
That’s the hardest question here! There’s so many beautiful colors to choose but I’ve drawn to the depth and richness of the color aubergine for a while.

What are your 3 favorite accessories and why?

  1. Heels!!! From kitten to super high! Right now I have a pair of Calvin Klein platform strappy heels that I love because they are super high and comfy.
  2. A Wonderful oversize patent clutch because it makes the most casual outfit look chic.
  3. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Truffle. I don’t dare step out the door without blush. It makes you look awake and alive (even if you are not feeling that way). I’ve known about Bobbi Brown for a while but I just came around to her cosmetics last year. I love her philosophy of enhancing your own natural look.

What is the one accessory you can’t live without?
Earrings. I’ve had my ears pierced since I was a baby and It’s the one accessory I wear everyday. I feel a little naked without them.

What’s your style inspiration?
Old-soul chic. My style is a melange of vintage finds and bohemian touches, I find loads of inspiration from the people at 122 Design. It’s evolving a little as I find myself mixing the vintage/boho elements with cleaner lines for a more gamine style of interior design. Think the two Audreys; Hepburn and Tatou. I also draw a lot of inspiration from old Hollywood and vintage pictures of the women in my family. From my great grandmothers to my mom and my aunts they always seem dressed in such a chic way. One of my grandmothers actually wore high heels everyday of her adult life. How fabulous is that?!

What do you splurge on?
Plane Tickets. I have regretted a trendy purchase but never a trip! And you don’t need to go far! I believe a person can learn much more in the way of style from traveling than from a magazine or a website. There’s so much inspiration that comes from it; from seeing how the world lives and dresses to just seeing how the sunset looks in a different place.

What is your favorite gift to give?
Two things: I love to give tea and accessories for the home. Both are personal and nurturing and help bring a bit of sanctuary to your everyday life.

What are you currently obsessed with?
I’m lucky that being obsessed is a part of my job. I’m currently obsessed with the workbook Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design. It’s the idea that your style should be reflective of the essence of who you are as a person. I can’t agree more. Authors Carrie and Danielle created this workbook to take you through a very thoughtful process to help them whittle everything down to 2 words that epitomize you and your style. Afterwords, you take to rest from there. My goal is to have it completed by my 30th birthday.

My Polariod Pogo is another obsession. I bought it as an a blog accessory and for my sketchbook. I used it on my Paris trip and the pics print out in a minute or less and you can just stick them in the book! Its so fun I actually forgot to sketch.

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