Monday’s Manicure…

Happy Monday. Okay, I’m lying…we all know Mondays kind of suck. No one ever wants to go back to work. Le sigh…but at least you have The Art of Accessories, right? So on with today’s manicure.
Essie has a so spankin’ new collection called Cuddle With Color. It’s so new it isn’t even on their website yet! But the collection is available at Nordstrom and Ulta stores. I picked up the 4-pack and an additional color in the set and my sister came over this weekend and asked me to paint her nails and she wanted something new, so we picked the navy blue shimmer in the collection, Midnight Cami.
I kept cracking up at all the photos we took because the bottle is so tiny and Anne’s nails are pretty long. The color looks black in most images, but it’s an inky navy blue with a subtle shimmer to it. Very pretty. The other colors in the collection are greys and deep mauves and then a very random hot pink. So we’ll have to see how the rest look.
But aren’t her nails ridiculously long? Her secret to her long manicure is the Nailtiques system. It helps to build strong nails that really grow. I’m currently using it now, so I’ll let you know if it works for me too, or you’ll see longer nails in my Monday’s Manicures!



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