Friday’s Fabulousness…

YAY! It’s Friday! I wanted to stay up all night last night because after watching 3 hours of Project Runway I still wanted to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta, but I knew I needed to go to bed so I could make it to work. I’m just so happy it’s Friday I could burst! I’m also happy that we’re heading into fall and fall fashion and magazines have me very excited. And next week (I think) I’ll be doing a Perfect Your Pout Week. What does that involve? Well, I’ve been testing out a lot of new lipsticks, glosses, lacquers and pencils lately so every day I’ll talk about lipstick and it will vary in price range. There’s a lot of stuff out there and I want to share with you guys what you might want to add to your beauty bag for fall.

Now since we’re on the topic of fall, even though I’m not in school right now I love the idea of back to work shopping. Refreshing your wardrobe and picking up a few new pieces, accessories and makeup to really make what you packed away for the summer fresh and new again.
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I was turned onto this product by my friend Shunda and thought the Trish McEvoy Makeup Planner System was definitely worth sharing.

If you’re a planner kind of girl, this makeup system just might be right up your alley. I don’t own the system, but I know two girlfriends that do and every time I see it I think it’s adorable. I don’t own this system yet, although I do own a few Trish McEvoy products. This might be a nice kit for me to stash at work for when I forget to apply my makeup or I was rushed in the morning.

You pick the planner size you want and then pick the Planner Pages of makeup that you want included in your kit. Your brushes are stored neatly on one side and you can flip through your makeup in your beauty binder! How adorable is that?

If you’ve got the kit let me and everyone else know what you think in the comments sections. I hope you all have a fabulousness filled weekend, I know I definitely will!


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