Monday’s Manicure…

So much to talk about today, so I’m going to jump right on in. Last week I started showing you the new Essie fall collection, Cuddle With Color (it’s also available now on their website). My sister Anne kindly modeled Midnight Cami and today, we’re talking about two colors: Chinchilly and Mink Muffs.
Chinchilly is described as a granite grey but I don’t think it’s that grey. This is definitely more on the muddy taupe side of the color spectrum. It’s a creme, so zero shimmer or sparkle to it and I loved how easily the formula went on, but the color…I had to warm up to it.

I wore this color for about 4 days before I took it off and I asked everyone what they thought of it. This wasn’t a loud bright polish like the Rescue Beauty Lounge Fruglista glitter polish I’m wearing on my toes, so people weren’t asking me what I was wearing. But I did find that it was a true neutral that blended in all week. Not bad at all.
Mink Muffs is described as the taupe shade, but you can clearly see this is a very interesting neutral, a unique brown. This is another great creme that Essie usually provides and I liked this color because it was richer and darker than Chinchilly. I think it’s really warm and a great neutral. It’s different from the greys of last season and is a bit warmer. I’d love to see this paired with lots of the bold colors that are coming for fall.

So would you wear either of these colors? Let me know!

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