Monday’s Mascara: Battle of the Vibrating Mascaras…

I’ve been asked for a while what I thought of the vibrating mascara trend. Everyone went crazy when Lancome’s version was introduced and I picked one up but waited a while to try it – I use most of the mascaras I test for the blog for a month or more to see how I really feel about them before I review them. By the time I got around to testing it out, Maybelline introduced their version (and I hear L’Oreal is coming out with a vibrating mascara next) so I decided to do a comparison between the two. I alternated between the two for a month.
Maybelline Pulse Perfection™ by Define-A-Lash® Vibrating Mascara retails for $15 and can be found at your local drugstore. It comes in Very Black and Blackest Black. I always pick Blackest Black when buying mascara. By pushing the little button on the cap of your mascara wand it allows it to vibrate as you sweet it from the base of your lashes out. I thought it made my lashes look EXTREMELY long. I was amazed. There was zero clumping and it even gives your lashes a bit of a curl, so there’s no need for my daily eyelash curling ritual. It did exactly what it said it would do, and I was very happy with the results.
Lancome Ôscillation retails at $34 and can be found at cosmetics retail stores. It comes in Black and Metallic Brown. This is the higher end version, that came first and it sold out everywhere initially. Push the button on the cap and unleash the power of pulsating mascara. I did think the vibrations on this version were a little different from the Maybelline, almost as if it was a bit more powerful. My problem was that with the application, I felt that I had a lot of clumping. A little bit of excess mascara beads at the tips of my lashes. I used a lash comb to pull them off, but every time for the last month I’ve had the same issue. My lashes did appear super long with this mascara, but I could not get over the excess mascara left on my lashes.

So what’s the final verdict? If you’re looking to really extend your lash length, I’d suggest picking up the Maybelline Pulse Perfection. It’s a definite bargain buy in the vibrating mascara categories.


0 thoughts on “Monday’s Mascara: Battle of the Vibrating Mascaras…

  1. I bought the Maybelline Pulse Perfection after reading your enthusiastic review. I’m afraid I can’t agree with you at all, DWJ! I’ve never had a mascara clump so badly. It does make my lashes look longer I guess, but with the clumps, the overall effect is that giant spider legs are growing out of my eyes…it’s too early to start dressing for Halloween!

    • K.C. Really? I’m surprised! I’m wearing my Maybelline today and I felt like the more expensive Lancome did exactly what you’re talking about. Hmm…very interesting. To each his own I guess! Mascaras really are different for each individual user.

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