Perfect Your Pout: Moisturizing Lipsticks…

I told you guys on Friday I’ve been trying so many new lipsticks and glosses that I had to do a Perfect Your Pout Week and I got my act together and I’m doing it! Woohoo! I’ll try my best to do some actual shops with some of the colors on my lips but that depends on a few factors like time and whether or not my mustache photographs well…I kid! So to start of this week’s series, I’m going to talk about moisturizing lipsticks. That means my picks for the kind of lipstick or gloss you can swipe on without having to apply lip balm before and it won’t drag or pull on your lips at all. It can replace your lip balm and perfect your pout with a single swipe, I promise. There are a lot that claim they can do this, but only three have really stepped up to the challenge in my book.
My latest drugstore discovery is Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick. I picked it up on a buy one get one free sale at CVS (always try to wait for those so you can get more bang for your buck at the drugstore). I picked up the color Go Currant, a shimmering red with slight blue undertones. I was surprised at the color matching so well straight out of the tube, but I was really blown away by how moisturizing this was. No need to pull out my compact, I just swiped it on and felt like I had balm on. It was great full color with a high hydration.
If you want to go a little higher end, I’d definitely suggest Clinique’s Colour Surge Butter Shine lipstick. I don’t think anyone can top this lipstick in the moisturizing category. It’s like buttah…for real. Clinique got it right when they said they’ve combined a gloss and a lipstick that is rich and smooth. I recommend the Pink Goddess, it’s a gorgeous pink shade.
And if you don’t want full lip color, I have to suggest Kiehl’s Lip Gloss. Jaci from Everyday Sassypants turned me on to this gem, and this has been a makeup bag staple for me, especially in the summertime. You couldn’t get a more silky smooth lip gloss (I mean ZERO trace of stickiness), seriously.

Is there a lipstick/gloss that I missed? Please let me know! I’m always on the search for the most moisturizing colors.

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