Squeaky Clean…

I feel like I’ve been running around all summer long. Long hot days packed with work, happy hours, blog events and everything else jammed in between. So things suffer, you get lazy or tired and get sloppy with your beauty routine. A few weeks ago I made the mistake and went straight to bed without taking off a full face of makeup – BIG BEAUTY NO, NO.
My solution? Pond’s Clean Sweep, Original Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes. Now I’ve talked about my old faithful, Pond’s Cold Cream, so you know I had to try the Pond’s wipes. On the container they say they are more effective than other wipes/brands at removing makeup and they weren’t joking. In one swipe you can remove every single trace of mascara, blush, foundation, lip gloss, eyeliner…it all wipes away in one wipe – I love it!

I’m so in love that next I want to try the Micro-Dermabrasion version next! A wipe that can also exfoliate at the same time is even better. Absolute beauty perfection. Definitely add these wipes to your bathroom beauty ritual. If you’d like to get more detailed product info and a coupon click that link.


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