Friday’s Fabulousness…

YAY! Friday! I don’t think this Friday could’ve gotten here any quicker and I’m ecstatic about it. Why you ask? Lots of reasons but one big one is that Sunday is my BIRTHDAY and I’ll be celebrating it at Disney World with my family (as long as it isn’t pouring rain on me). So excited. So while I’m on vacation next week it will be The Art of Accessories Light, not as many posts but there will be at least 1 daily.

So what’s on the plate for today’s fabulousness? Since all this week I’ve been talking about Perfecting Your Pout, I had to finish the week off with a bang. I needed to give you a beauty staple that was going to make the perfect lip statement and make everybody happy.
The Three Custom Color Century in Red Lip Color Palette gives you ten shades of red lip color that cross the centuries:

  • Bell Epoque (1910’s)—A rich bee-stung red stain befitting of the Gibson Girls.
  • Flapper (1920’s)—A deep burgundy crème, perfect for dancing the Charleston.
  • Platinum Blonde (1930’s)—A true red-brown that Garbo would favor.
  • Rosie the Riveter (1940’s)—The color that endured WWII, a rich blue-red.
  • Gamine (1950’s)—A bright orange-red that Lucy would love.
  • Mod (1960’s)—A “pop” pinky-red gloss.
  • Disco (1970’s)—A deep shimmering cranberry to boogie down in.
  • New Wave (1980’s)—A cool, nude red crème for when you feel like a “material girl.”
  • Virtual (1990’s)—A brown-red crème, perfect for surfing the net.
  • Futura (for the millennium)—A scarlet-red gloss with a hit of platinum, to lead the way to the next century.

Everyone always asks me about picking a red lip or finding the perfect red – this palette gives you the opportunity to find your perfect shade or even mix them together to create your perfect red (they you could send it to Three Custom and they’re create a custom red for you!). Stop being afraid of wearing red ladies, embrace it!

Now I’m about to embrace this weekend and my much deserved vacation. Catch me on Twitter and feel free to leave me birthday greetings in the comments section.

Have a fabulousness filled weekend, ladies!

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