The Art of…Kenesha Williams {The Babyhead Diary}

The Art of… is a monthly series featuring various people and what inspires their style…
Name: Kenesha Williams
Age (if you dare)/Astrological Sign: Soon to be 30, Libra
Occupation: Soon to be SAHM (Stay at home Mom) – Now I work in the non-profit world
City of Residence: DC Metro Area
Website: The Baby Head Diary

What’s your favorite color?
For clothes it’s black, but for the home it’s aqua blue.

What are your 3 favorite accessories and why?

  1. My white gold heart necklace with diamonds from my mother.
  2. My white gold heart necklace w/ mom and baby that my husband gave me last year for Mother’s day.
  3. My diamond studs.

What is the one accessory you can’t live without?
Earrings, gotta have earrings!

What’s your style inspiration?
I really love how Halle Berry pulls off the hot mom thing, she can go from red carpet glamorous to hottest mom in the room so easily and I aspire to that.

What do you splurge on?
Food and Books! They’re both such sensorial pleasures both entertaining the taste buds and the mind.

What is your favorite gift to give?
Something that really resonates with the receiver, in this day and age people are too willing to give or get a gift card to somewhere (which usually shows zero thought) rather than really explore the essence of the gift receiver and what makes them happy or could enhance their day to day existence.

What are you currently obsessed with?
Softly sculptured clothes for fall.

If you are a blogger or someone in the fashion industry and you would like to be featured in The Art of… Series please email

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