Friday’s Fabulousness…

Hello all and happy Friday and happy long holiday weekend! Woohoo! I see that you all made it through The Art of Accessories Lite this past week, and I appreciate you letting me take a little break while I went on a family vacation to Disney World! I also appreciate all of the Happy Birthday comments, texts, tweets, Facebook messages and all that I received on Sunday. It made me feel very loved.

So whenever I come back from travel I like to talk about luggage or travel related items. I think it’s because I like to think of myself as a savvy packer. One day I’ll have to do a post on my detailed packing lists, color palettes and all but I know it’ll just take too much time. So instead, I’ll share with you one of the pieces that I love when I travel, I picked it up before I went to NY last February before Fashion Week and I can’t travel without it.
This is the Lesportsac 7909 Eunice bag, in zebra print. Mine is in some wild print I picked up in Vegas but I love this bag and get asked about it whenever I carry it. So why is it so fabulous? Because it’s a backpack/overnight bag hybrid. There’s a laptop section on the inside (I love to toss my HP Vivienne Tam mini in there) and it’s big enough to either be a weekend bag or to use for my carry on bag for the plane. I usually pack a backup outfit in case my luggage gets lost and then my magazines, books and whatever in flight goodies I might need. I love it because you can either carry it by the two handles or you can wear it like a backpack and still deal with your bigger luggage. Plus, it’s a Lesportsac so it’s washable and I’m not worried about getting it dirty.

Absolute packing perfection!

Alright, Monday is a holiday so I may not post but I’ve got some great fall trends posts that I’ll be posting soon to get you started on your fall shopping. I came back from Orlando and the DC air was so crisp! Fall is on it’s way!

Have a lovely weekend ladies.

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