Magazines Make Me Happy…

This is me on a typical weekend evening. Wrapped up in my leopard print blanket with sleeves (I sewed it myself) in my zero gravity chair with a stack of magazines, my laptop and a mug full of tea.
This is currently what I subscribe to or buy on a monthly basis…I didn’t even include my husband’s magazines in this stack. So why am I sharing my publications passion with you? Because I have a great opportunity for you and me!
Picture 6
This is Maghound – a monthly magazine subscription service that reminds me a lot of Netflix but for glossies. Every month I can choose 3 magazines (you can choose more if you upgrade) and I can change them out monthly if I’d like or pick substitute magazines for months when I know they aren’t publishing.
Picture 1
This is my substitute list right now. I know that People Style Watch will skip a delivery in December, so why not get a copy of Real Simple instead? I’m testing out Elle magazine in October but if I don’t like it, I might try something else! And my husband is getting his own subscription to ESPN magazine and I love that I can have it sent to him in his name under my account!

So the folks at Maghound offered me a year long subscription to test out their service, give them feedback and just share any thoughts, ideas or concerns that I have. Nice, huh? What’s even nicer is that they offered me 2 subscriptions to give away to Art of Accessories readers too! YAY! Starting next Monday I’ll be kicking off my own contest to give away my 2 subscriptions to Maghound, in the meantime, there are a few other blogs running their own contests – so you have more chances to win!

GearLive: September 8-11
Hack College
: September 9-12
Lisa Reviews
: September 10-13
Our Ordinary Life
: September 11-14
One Day, One Job
: September 12-15
: September 13-16
The Art of Accessories (me!)
: September 14-17
Gear Diary
: September 15-18
Tierra Wilson
: September 16-19
Chris Pirillo
: September 17-20
A Couch with a View
: September 18-21
Nadine Jolie
: September 19-22
Two of a kind, Working on a Full House
: September 20-23
Chip Chick
: September 21-24

Good luck!

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