Translating the Trends: Ruffles

Translating the Trends is a four part series created by Jessica from Design Wonderland and myself with the hopes of helping our readers with their fall shopping. We’re going to tackle four trends: Ruffles, Grey, Pops of Color and Metallics in the next two weeks with posts that show you how to incorporate these trends through accessories or interior styling. For Jessica’s interior styling tips using ruffles go to Design Wonderland and to see how I take the inspiration below and translate it, click more.

You’ve seen the soft romantic ruffles that were all over the runways for fall and you’ve thought how can I buy into this without spending a fortune? How can I update the clothes I already have with the latest trends? ACCESSORIES! Accessories really are the least expensive way to refresh and update what you already have. I adore ruffles, I think they are the quintessential touch to a feminine and flirty style – have I mentioned that I love being a girl?
I absolutely ADORE the Steve Madden Duffled knee high boot. Nothing screams being a lady than this gorgeous boot. With a pencil skirt or a simple silhouetted dress, the detailing on the boots makes the sweetest statement. I also love how it softens up the skinny jeans tucked into boots trends. It would definitely kick up the femininity level of your weekend wear.
Picture 7
Not a knee high boot kind of girl? Try the JS by Jessica Truffle Peep Toe Ruffle Bootie. In black these peep toe ruffled booties give any outfit a bit of edge. In taupe, they are another touch of soft romanticism added to your ensemble. I own the taupe and Jessica owns the black and they totally give off two different vibes. Add colored tights to either color booties and they’ll add a playful touch and a pop of color.
Picture 8
To kick up everyday business attire try the No. 704b. Esther Leather Ruffle Pump. The ruffle detailing on the back of the neutral color pump is just enough to be flirty. Not too wild if you’re in a conservative office, but definitely a way to add a bit of flair to the ordinary everyday high heel.
Picture 6
If heels aren’t your thing, I adore the Zigi Soho Petunia Suede Flat. The ruffled flower is adorable and is the perfect fun neutral to wear with pants, jeans, dresses – anything!
Picture 9
Another way to add ruffles to your look is through your handbags. If you’re a big tote carrier like me you’ll love Urban Expression Ruffle Tote. It’s large enough to hold everything and I adore the ruffled detailing on the front.
Picture 10
If you are looking to add a soft touch to your evening wear add the Chinese Laundry Flower Clutch to your wardrobe. It’s soft and feminine and a perfect compliment to whatever you’re wearing.
And if you’re looking for an accessory to wear all fall and winter long, why not try this Rouched Ruffle Scarf from Target. For less than $15 you get a colorful pop, great detailing and you can wear it with a t-shirt when it’s cool outside or layer up with your outerwear.

So will you be incorporating ruffles into your fall wardrobe? What are your picks?

18 thoughts on “Translating the Trends: Ruffles

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  4. DWJ – For you crafty readers there are several patterns out for a good ruffled shirt or dress.

    Simplicity 2497 – Dress that just looks fun
    Simplicity 2724 – Dress, part of the Project Runway line. This dress could easily be shortened a bit to wear with tights or even more for skinny jeans.
    Mccalls 5522 – Great shirt. Very flattering and since the bust and bodice are separate pieces it is very easy to adjust for “problem areas”. Did I mention this is part of the Easy Pattern line?
    Mccalls 5929 – Just a basic ruffle shirt.


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