So Sweet…


Swatch is offering up a pretty cool deal tomorrow if you’re in the NYC area for or near the fashion week madness.

If you’re in front of the Bryant Park tents on September 11th from 2-4pm, models will showcase Quail’s Spring 2010 line out of an ice cream truck!  Models will be handing out highly sought after and delicious Van Leeuwan ice cream cones  to VIP editors, writers, photographers, media members as well as important buyers in front of the tents at Bryant Park. Special guests will receive new Swatch watches from the Fall/Winter 2009 collection.

So how can you get one of the free Swatches? Follow @SwatchUS on Twitter to get each code word tweeted to you. Say the code word to one of the Quail models wearing a Swatch at the Ice Cream Truck and you can win a free Swatch (while supplies last).

WHY DO I NOT LIVE IN NYC? WHY AM I NOT THERE FOR FASHION WEEK THIS YEAR? Sigh…this is really killing this accessories blogger. My favorite watches, that I already follow on Twitter, and they’re free? If anyone is in the NYC area and gets one tomorrow let me know! I’ll be so jealous.


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