I Found The Golden Ticket At Borders!

Yesterday I was on a mission, a mission to find the Golden Ticket at a Borders store. Let me explain…

Yesterday, Dan Brown’s (author of Angel’s & Demons, DaVinci Code and others) much anticipated book The Lost Symbol was hitting bookshelves and as a fun promotion, Borders stores are hiding 80 golden tickets in stores across the nation. If you follow Borders on Twitter between September 15 – 24 they will post a link during the day that lists each city and the clue. Borders tweeted the first clue at 4:43pm (I had their tweets being sent directly to my phone…yeah, I was that pressed).

My clue was:

Borders | Washington, D.C. (L St.)
Clue: Excitement is building in the Architecture section. You’ll want to look up (and in) the Best Addresses.

I had just walked out of a 2 hour staff meeting (killing me), clicked the link and then RAN out of my office to the Borders 3 blocks away from my office. I ran to the Information Desk and asked if the Golden Ticket had been found (attempting to not pant and look insane), I was given a very coy no, and I ran down to the Architecture section. I then proceed to scan all three stacks of books looking for Best Addresses on the top shelf. I swear I passed it a couple of times but then it hit me and I opened it to find my very lovely GOLDEN TICKET! Woohoo!

I will admit, it was a bit anti-climatic. No balloons, no fanfare, no announcement on the loud speaker, just the lady at the information desk patting me on the back and telling someone else to go get my book for me. I was sweaty and proud of myself for winning the book within 15 minutes of the clue being posted. I’m totally happy and feel a bit special because my book is autographed. I’ll even admit, I didn’t buy the book in hopes of finding the golden ticket – yeah, I like a good competition.

If you’re interested in the book, you should definitely see if the golden tickets will hit your bookstore, it’s worth the hunt.


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