The {Swoon} List : August 2009

I’m so delinquent with my {Swoon} Lists, I know…who knows if I’ll keep this up next year, but I try to do a monthly recap of what happened the month before. This is really for new folks, or folks that may have missed something great and fun. So what was I swooning over in August?
swoon list

  1. Perfecting Your Pout: There are lots of great lipsticks out there and I laid out what are some of the hottest and latest high end and low end splurges for your kisser.
  2. Vibrating Mascara: If you’ve been curious about vibrating mascaras you may want to check out my review comparing 1 high priced vibrating mascara and 1 drugstore brand pulse mascara. You might be surprised.
  3. A new ticker for your wrist: I kind of fell in love with a brand of watches I had never discovered. It’s just too cute for words.
  4. Hot Heels: Fall is all about gorgeous heels with beautiful details and sumptuous fabrics. You’ll definitely want one of these picks.
  5. How To Accessorize: And I started a new instructional series on how to accessorize particular outfits. I hope you like it and will email me what you want me to talk about next!

Okay, so that was August in a nutshell. Hopefully I’ll get September up and running way faster.


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