Pose For The Camera…

I don’t know why but cameras have been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe it’s all the fashion week photos and great photography I’ve been seeing. I technically own 3 cameras – there’s a camera on my BlackBerry Pearl, I own a pink Fuji FinePix that I always leave in my bag because you never know when you’ll need it, and I carry around a Nion CoolPix P80 for more important photos. I also hope to one day own a big powerhouse digital camera like an SLR, but I don’t have that in my budget. (Feel free to buy me one if you’d like)
But I still want the Fuji Instax Camera just because I think it’s the best travel camera. It’s an update on the Polaroid (and you all know I’m obsessed with Polaroid images). I actually had a Polaroid camera when I was in middle school and my Mom always kept me in Costco packs of film (thanks Mom) so that I could document my school trips and hanging out with my girlfriends. It died at some point in high school and now Polaroid is discontinuing the instant cameras it makes me want one even more. Sigh…

But this Fuji version is super hip and chic and could definitely be a fun possibility. Maybe I’ll put it on my Wish List…


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