What I Want Wednesday…

I know this might sound crazy, but I want pierced ears. I had my ears pierced when I was 6 and shortly after my ear piercing I formed keloids on the front and back of both of my ears where they were pierced. My mother took me to the dermatologist and I received steroid injections in the keloid site, but I’ve been terrified to get them repierced again (I keloided in two other places from when I had chicken pox at 11). But why do I want my ears pierced now?

Because I have always secretly loved earrings and right now I’m seeing a lot of great ones.
Picture 1
I love a peace symbol (I think in another life I was a flower child) and these Lucky Brand peace symbol studs are my kind of stud. They’re just perfect, the right balance of silver, gold and sparkle, while your earlobes still say, “I am all for peace and love, man.”
Picture 2
And if I want a little everyday glamour, I’d wear the Fossil Glitz Feather earrings. A little bit of boho bling that’s a bit unexpected. I’m not asking for much, just two perfectly formed holes in my ears so that I too can make a statement with studs or turn heads with my big, blinged out chandelier earrings. I just want to be like everybody else, is that too much to ask?!

So if you’re a Dermatologist and you read this blog, can I get my ears pierced again? Will it work the second time around? Can this girl ever wear real earrings?


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