Monday’s Manicure…

Bleh…it’s Monday. I spent the entire weekend not feeling too hot, so I’m not ready for Monday to be here. I apologize for the lack of posts today. Today’s manicure is one I did a few weeks ago but am just sharing now, Essie’s It’s Genius.
I’m not going to call this color purple, it’s not that dark, but it’s more on the violet side with a bit of a quartz shimmer to it. I thought this color was soft and the shimmer in it was very nice. It changed depending on the angle you were looking at your nails. Of course with Essie, the polish wore beautifully during the week and all I saw was normal tip wear, not chipping.

I am excited about another nail polish I picked up this weekend at Walgreens. Wet n Wild had their Halloween display up and I picked up their glow in the dark nail polish! I think that’s so cute and cool for Halloween, so I can’t wait to share with you guys how that turns out. I should also tell you guys that on the same Halloween display that had tons of fun false eyelashes for Halloween and they were $5! I may need to go back and pick up a lush teal pair with polka dots on them – that’s just too fun to pass up.


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