Hands Free @ Home…

My sister recently gave up her house phone and is strictly using her iPhone. I don’t blame her. I get about 3 calls a week on the house phone and they’re usually for the wrong number. The problem is that I don’t have the best reception in my house so we’re reluctant to get rid of the land line. But if I did give up my land line, I would want the Retro Handset to make me feel like I was on a traditional phone.

I love my BlackBerry Pearl, but it’s so tiny I don’t want to hold it on my shoulder while talking to my Mom and doing the dishes. I’d definitely miss a real headset. This is the perfect solution! And it comes in lots of different colors, so I could get a girly color for myself and get my husband something a bit more masculine for his phone.

The kinds of crazy technology that’s being developed these days. Gotta love it!


0 thoughts on “Hands Free @ Home…

  1. this is too cute. i always want to get rid of my house phone except i always harken back to the day that we had a black out and my house phone worked and nothing, and i do mean nothing else did
    .-= Yaya´s last blog ..Printed Material =-.

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