Friday’s Fabulousness…

It’s the first Friday of the month, so you know what that means! My sisters and I will be on Make It Plain with Mark Thompson this evening: Sirius 146, 5-8p XM 167, 6-8p ET. If you don’t have a subscription you can get a free 3 day trial here and if you do have a subscription please join us! Every time we go on the show we have a blast! We talk a little politics and a little pretty.

It’s also October, and that means it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness month, so this Friday I wanted to feature something that benefits a charity.
The fabulous folks at one my favorite places, Three Custom Color Specialist created Be Bright Pink Lip Gloss, an exclusive shade created to support Bright Pink, a national non-profit organization that provides education and support to young women who are at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Three Custom Color Specialists will donate 20% of sales generated by the purchase of Be Bright Pink Lip Gloss to support Bright Pink’s mission to help women proactively take control of their health via education, support and community development for those at risk.

Be Bright Pink Lip Gloss is a sheer carnation pink with a silver satin finish, designed to flatter all skin tones. Be Bright Pink Lip Gloss costs $23.50 and will be available in October at and toll-free at 888.262.7714. Since Three Custom Color Specialists NEVER discontinues a color, they will proudly continue to donate a portion of the sales of Be Bright Pink Lip Gloss to Bright Pink for years to come. How awesome is that?!

Throughout the month I plan on showing you a few accessories you can purchase that will also be charitable contributions. Feel good while you look good. But if you’d like more ways to give EVERY SINGLE DAY, I’d suggest you check out The Fabulous Giver blog. Karyn shows you how to be charitable in some of the most stylish ways every day of the year.

That’s my Friday’s Fabulousness, please make sure to tune into MIP this evening and have a Fabulousness filled weekend!

Thanks for reading!

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