The Art of…Sheena Harper {Clandestine Chic}

The Art of… is a monthly series featuring various people and what inspires their style…
Name: Sheena Harper
Age (if you dare)/Astrological Sign: 25 soon to be 26/Virgo
Occupation: Working by day in political advertising
City of Residence: Chicago, IL

What’s your favorite color?
Purple. It can be such a deep and bold color, and I believe it’s a color that you can make a strong statement with, no matter what you pair it with. Fall is my favorite season and I always mark the first day of Fall by wearing purple.

What are your 3 favorite accessories and why?

  1. Headbands: I’ve been wearing headbands for the longest time and I’ve built up quite the collection. I started with really simple Goody headbands and now I’m into the feather head bands and anything ornate. I’m at the point where I rarely leave the house without putting one on.
  2. Ballet Flats: It’s become a problem, but I only wear ballet flats these days. I love wearing heels for going out, but I always carry an extra pair of flats in my purse (if it’s big enough) or in the car. I have fancy flats, casual flats, and everything in between.
  3. Lip Gloss: Even if I’m too lazy to put on any type of makeup, I’m going to put on a gloss. My favorite is Nars lip lacquer in Butterfield 8. I actually didn’t even know if I would like the color at first, but I bought it anyway because it was named after my favorite restaurant. Almost 2 years later, and the lip lacquer has stuck.

What is the one accessory you can’t live without?
A big and comfy handbag. I don’t care if the trend is in or out, I will never be able to live with a clutch or any small handbag. All of my handbags are roomy and they can carry all of my items (books, Moleskine journals, wallet, and random accessories). Even when I go out, my friends always make fun of me because I’m the bag lady with the huge handbag, but they always ask me to carry the cameras! 🙂

What’s your style inspiration?
I used to gain a lot of style inspiration from women who wore classic and timeless pieces such as Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn, because I’m always working to make my style more streamlined and classic. And in that sense, those elements of my style will always remain. However, there are other elements that influence my take on style and that can be from people watching, movies and books and traveling. If I see a cool color combination being used in an ad and I never thought to pair the two colors together, I might try and see how it works with my clothing and jewelry. Or if I see someone wearing something that is way far “out there” I might take it and try to adapt it to my own style sense and see how that works.

What do you splurge on?
Definitely jewelry. Especially with necklaces and earrings. I’m always willing to splurge on those items because as long as I love it, it will never go out of style, in my opinion. I can be a 90-year-old woman in a nursing home and I’ll still be wearing the same jewelry from when I was a 25-year-old woman. And to think of all of the sentimentality that will have for me throughout all of those years and the places I’ve worn that jewelry. You may be able to do that with some clothing items, but I’d be more inclined to go with the jewelry.

What is your favorite gift to give?
Picture frames or journals. It’s become a bit cliché for me, but I don’t think anyone can have too many picture frames or journals. I try to pick out the most unique frames and journals, so I try to use as many shopping sources as possible when looking for the gift. Etsy has been a great source because there are so many unique handmade items and they’re all one-of-a-kind!

What are you currently obsessed with?
Cupcakes! Okay, this is an obsession that I’ve had to back away from, but I love going on cupcake crawls around Chicago and trying to find the best cupcakes. I used to go with my friend once a week and try out a new bakery. We had a rating system and everything. I’ve slacked off a little bit, but I still read cupcake blogs and scour the Chicago scene for new cupcakes, because if a bakery pops up then I just have to go and visit them.

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  1. I’m obessed with big bags too those small clutches just don’t cut if for a big girl that has to carry a lot of stuff! Not to mention having to carry all my fashion mags from maghound!!!

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