How To Accessorize With Tights…

I am surprised at the emails and questions I’ve received about how to wear colorful, patterned and even black tights. So I decided I would have to dedicate the next installment of How to Accessorize to tights. I love, love, love tights – I’m not a pantyhose girl at all. Pantyhose are too thin and I always rip through them, so I’m either bare legged or wearing tights.

First I have to say if you’re going to wear tights, make sure you pick a size that is actually the right fit. Be honest with yourself about your weight and height so that you don’t have sausage legs, baggy material around your ankles,  or your tights pinch (you’ll be miserable all day in ill fitting tights). In some brands, I might be a plus sized tight and in others I’m a nonplus size, so check everyone’s sizing to make sure that you get the perfect fit.

For this post I’m wearing 3 different brands: Hue, We Love Colors and Assets but there are tons of tights out there and lots of options, have fun and play with them. To see close-ups of my tight combos and how I accessorized, click more below to keep reading.

To talk about colorful tights I wanted to give two options: bold and subtle. First up is the bold and I the folks at We Love Colors were nice enough to send me a pair of their Nylon/Lycra Tights in Amethyst and I thought this great pop of color would be fun with a little leopard print skirt. This combination adds a bit of wow factor to my work wardrobe. By pairing a pretty neutral outfit (all shades of black, white and grey) with a bold colored tight you add some fun and color to your winter wardrobe. I honestly think this combo isn’t for the faint at heart but you could also throw on a pair of black tights with this outfit and it would work too.
If you want a more subtle color option, I’d suggest going with teal, dark green, purple, or navy. For this combination I chose the Hue Opaque tight in Cosmos, a pretty cool teal. I paired it with lots of neutrals in the brown family (olive skirt, taupe boots, brown belt) and added a butternut squash orange/yellow cardigan for a bit of bright fun. I love this combination, I really do. Colorful tights are also great with peep toe booties. If it’s getting chilly but you still want to wear those fab booties add a pair of colorful tights to your outfit – just make sure the seam of the tight is hidden under your toes.
My winter wardrobe staple are a dark, inky black pair of opaque tights – I own 3 to 4 pair, just so I always have them as an option. If you want a bit of shaping or are going to wear something clingy, I’d suggest Assets Terrific Tights in black. If you want it sucked in and firm – these are your tights. The line is created by the same woman who started Spanx but they’re a lower end line sold at Target! Love it! What I love about black tights are that they can be paired with ANYTHING! I especially love to tone down a bright floral like this skirt with black tights, it makes the skirt really pop but adds a chic element to the whole outfit. When in doubt, throw on black tights and I shouldn’t have to say it but if you’re over the age of 5 you shouldn’t own white tights.
These last two pairs are examples of how to wear patterned or textured tights. The Hue Tartan Plaid tights and the lace tights (I picked up a TJ Maxx) are meant to be the standout piece of your outfit. I paired the lace tights with a purple dress with a full skirt and paired it with oxford heels (sorry, the full body pic just wasn’t working for me in that shot). The plaid tights I paired with a super comfy sweatshirt material dress in grey. I got a bit bolder with the burgundy and grey heels, but I figured, why not, right? It’s all about having fun. I love mixing a great texture or a fun pattern with a solid dress. It helps break it up and add a bit of interest to a monochromatic piece.

If your wardrobe is full of neutrals and classic shapes, add a bold color or pattern to help freshen up your everyday wear. Don’t be afraid to try a color, and if you are a bit anxious you can always pair a bold color with knee high boots. That way you only have a small portion of the color peaking out. Work your way into an ankle bootie or oxford heel.

I hope this has been helpful and that you’re going to go update your tight wardrobe soon.


25 thoughts on “How To Accessorize With Tights…

  1. Chandra here (aka ShiftC)! In the winter I LIVE in tights. I have over 200 pairs (leopard, tartan, polka dot, opaque, bows, designer, low end, floral, rhinestones, etc). Tights are a FABULOUS way to bridge the gap between skirt/dress hems and footwear. I, too, avoid pantyhose, but love me some over the top of basic tights. I’m glad you wrote this post, and I just might have to blog a response to this post!

  2. Thank you so much for doing this post! I have been trying to figure out how to get on board with the whole tights thing and this post was perfect thing to push me in the right direction and start wearing tights!!!

    • YAY! I’m so glad everyone enjoyed this post. I have always been a huge fan of colorful and patterned tights and it’s easier than you think to really make it work for your wardrobe. Thanks for all the support ladies!

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