We Love Colors Tights…

Last week I did a post on how to accessorize with tights and I wanted to do a review on a pair of tights I received from We Love Colors for a review. I follow them on Twitter (and they have a Facebook Fanpage too) and it’s always great to get to interact with a company and talk to them about their product.

In the photo above I’m wearing the Nylon/Lyrca Tights in Amethyst and I love the bright color. I’m a big tights wearer and I love a great soft tight that stretches and don’t pull or get tight around my thigh area (this is also due to making sure to get the right size…) and these tights were like butter. We’re too tight, didn’t bag and wear beautifully. My biggest problem was picking what color I wanted to wear! We Love Colors has over 50 different solid colors and they have some really cool splash color tights.

image from WeLoveColors.com

image from WeLoveColors.com

I love a crazy colored tight! They also carry a few patterns (zebra anyone?) and leggings that I can’t wait to buy! Tights really are a fun way to add a little bit of color to your wardrobe in the winter, especially since everyone tends to lean towards dark colors when it’s cold. I thought We Love Colors is a great way to pick any color of the rainbow you want to help dive into wearing tights as an accessory.

Definitely check them out and let me know if you get a pair! I’d love to see how you rock them.

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