I Need Tweed…

I think high heels are wonderful but most days I’m wearing flats. Actually, most days I’m thinking of what I can wear in my very casual office that will merge a bit of my creative clothing with the casual in a business casual appropriate way. In the winter, I’m always looking for a great pair of flat or low heeled boots that will go with everything and keep my feet warm but I also want items that have a bit of fun to them to. That’s where the Keds Magnolia Grey Tweed Chukka comes into play.

The tweed gives it a different feel than your average canvas sneaker and I can pair it with my cotton wide leg pants or khakis or pair with a pair of black casual slacks and a fun cardigan. I can actually wear these shoes in more work appropriate combinations than I’d like to admit. The added bonus about them? They’re Keds, so I know they’ll be comfy and great for walking from the Metro to my office when it’s cold outside.

It’s always about balancing my commuting needs with my style needs and I think these blend the two beautifully and comfortably.


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