Monday’s Manicure…

I’m kind of in love with this color and I totally wasn’t expecting to be. This week’s Monday’s Manicure is Sephora by OPI Queen of Everything. Now I go to Sephora all the time and I always check out their display of Sephora by OPI Polishes, but somehow this color has escaped me.

I’m not a huge metallic person unless it involves big bling but I thought I’d try something different for you guys. I’ve got to provide a little variety and not gush over greens every week, right?

Queen of Everything is a sterling gold. I know, confusing right? It’s a gold that thinks it’s silver too and to me, it’s the most amazing metallic neutral I’ve ever seen. My picture doesn’t do it justice, it has a gorgeous glow and it is a soft gold that has a great hint of silver mixed in, so it doesn’t appear too brassy or to old lady gold on your nails. What I also love about this color is that it’s an unexpected neutral (yup, metallics go with everything) that is a bit of a break from brights, winter’s dark vampy colors or a standard pink. It’s festive for the holidays but it’s also chic and simple enough for every day and it matches everything. The metallic makes it stand out too so that it almost appears to be a Minx overlay. It’s absolutely fabulous.

So what do you think about metallics? Or what’s a color you want me to review next?

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