Fierce Flat Irons…

I was in a Target in Buffalo on Saturday when I saw a lovely display of the cutest ceramic plate flat irons I’ve ever seen! Remington ceramic plate hair straighteners come in: Leopard, Flowers, Polka Dots, and Plaid! All of the patterns are too adorable for words, but what makes it even better?! THEY’RE $19!!!

My husband said because they were so inexpensive they probably wouldn’t work on my hair but the 1 inch plate straighteners go up to 400 degrees and that absolutely works for me. I love this size for bangs and getting the short underside of your hair, but it works for all lengths too. I resisted picking one up but I definitely wish I hadn’t.


0 thoughts on “Fierce Flat Irons…

  1. Its Super Duper Cute! I Have A Good Goody I Think Hair Straitener But I’m Lookin’ For A New One Cuz My Sister Shares It With Me Cause Her Instyler Makes Her Hair All Like Frizzy!

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