Vaseline Sheer Infusion…

vaselineHave you heard about the new New Vaseline® Sheer Infusion™ with Stratys-3™ yet? I’ve seen the ads, commercials and blog posts everywhere. My interest was peaked and Vaseline was nice enough to send me samples to test out for the blog.

First, the details about new Vaseline® Sheer Infusion™ with Stratys-3™:
Stratys-3 is a patented moisturizing complex that moisturizes the three layers of your skin, penetrating moisture down to your core layers. This patented formula is light weight and leaves a silky feeling on your skin and absorbs quickly.

My thoughts:
I have dry skin and winter is the WORST time of year for me, so I really put this moisturizer to the test. I’ve been using it daily for about 2 weeks and I knew I was going to a wedding in Buffalo, NY this past weekend. If I was dry and ashy after a day’s application, I’d be over Vaseline’s Sheer Infusion. I wasn’t and I was pleasantly surprised. This lotion doesn’t feel or moisturize like any other Vaseline lotion and they usually don’t hold me for very long.

I do like how this lotion feels, it’s silky and absorbs quickly into my skin. Was I ashy at the end of the day? Nope, but I think I could go for a version slightly heavier when I hit winter’s bitter cold – or apply it a bit more liberally. As I’ve used it over the last two weeks the thing that I like the most is the way it feels on my skin and how silky I feel like I feel. The scents are light and not overpowering at all and I could definitely see this as a daily moisturizer all year, but maybe applying a bit more as the winter months get colder. If you have severe dry skin, this may not be enough for you, but if your skin is fairly normal I’d definitely suggest you give it a go. You definitely can’t beat the price for an everyday lotion either. It comes in both a 6.8 oz bottle ($6.25 suggested retail price) and 13.5 oz pump ($8.99 suggested retail price) size and because I like my readers, here’s a link to a coupon for $1.50 off!

So have you tried Sheer Infusion? What did you think of it?

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