Friday’s Fabulousness…

Today’s Friday’s Fabulousness is a one stop shop for you. You get to donate $5 towards breast cancer research and you can browse and buy yourself something custom at a great price point.
Design-Her-Gal: DWJ
You’ve seen my digital DWJ on the blog from the very beginning and I’ve talked about Design-Her Gals products before, so I’m going to talk about them again and a great charitable opportunity. Join Design-Her Gals and The Art of Accessories on the Gal to Gal Virtual Walk. It’s pretty easy, design your custom gal, donate $5 and you’ll see her walk in a different city every day in October. You can even search and find your friends and I’d love it if you joined my team! Search for The Art of Accessories and if you donate you can write that you want to be in my team! Here’s what my walker looks like (I’m the cutie dead center).
Join my team and donate $5 to help Design-Her Gals reach their goal of $250,000. And of course I have to leave you with a Friday’s Fabulousness item, right? In honor of the Gal to Gal Walk and my giveaway for fitness (you have until Monday), I thought I’d do something sporty.
You know plastic bottles are out and stainless steel is so in! I so want to customize my own Design-Her Gals stainless steel water bottle with my beloved DWJ on the bottle. It’s just too cute!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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